Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Official: Rantin' Raven is a Thing!

Hey everyone! I have here two movies of Rantin' Raven ( I enjoy this title quite a bit!). I learned more about how to get more frames and how to fit Raven nicely onto the screen! I also added a title and a little transition for effect. They are looking good so far! I want to start recording my voice for the noise in the background, I'm starting over the weekend! The lengths differ because I wanted to see what would be too long. The first is a little longer then the second. I'm not sure how long I should make them since all of my sketches are in a loop!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

List, Supplies, and Collage

1) The Frog King, Or iron Henry
2) The Wolf and the seven Little kids
3) The Twelve Brothers
4) Rapunzel
5) Hansel and Grethel
6) The Riddle
7) The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs
8) The girl without hands
9) The Wishing – Table, The Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack
10) The Godfather
11) Godfather Death
12) Rumpelstilskin
13) The Three Feathers
14) The Gold- Children
15) The Raven
16) The Devil’s Sooty Brother
17) Sweet Porridge
18) The Shroud
19) The Three Brothers
20) The Devil and His Grandmother
21) The White Bride and the Black one
22) The Water of Life
23) The Iron Stove
24) The Three Black Princesses
25) The Ungrateful son
26) The Three Sluggards
27) Star-Money
28) The Glass Coffin
29) The Poor Boy in the Grave
30) The Griffin
31) The Spindle, The Shuttle and the Needle
32) The Sea-Hare
33) The Drummer
34) God’s Food
35) Cat and Mouse in Partnership
36) The Fisherman and his whife
37) Clever Grethel (Gretel)
38) The Deaht of the Little Hen
39) The Jew Among Thorns
40) The Flail from Heaven
41) The Peasant in Heaven
42) The Owl
43) The Moon
44) Death’s Messaengers
45) The Peasant and the Devil
46) The Grave-Mound
47) Our Lady’s Child – (Mary’s Child)
48) the old granny
49) The White Snake
50) The Seven Ravens
51) The lamb and the fish
52) The Juniper- Tree
53) The Six Swans
54) Sweetheart Rolans
55) The Twelve Huntsmen
56) The Pink
57) John gets married
58) Six soldiers of fortune
59) The Singing, Soaring Lark
60) The Two Brothers
61) The Young Giant
63)The Blue Light
64)Donkey Cabbages

Supplies to start building a Marionette

Monday, January 27, 2014

Changin' it up

As of late I've been struggling with where my thesis project has ended up. At the end of last semester the primary focus of my project was its impact on social media. I still want to keep this a part of the project but take the spotlight off of Instagram, tumblr, Facebook etc. The project, in my eyes, becomes desensitized when the goal is to get likes and re-blogs.

My latest self assigned project is to write down brief thoughts, memories and quotes of my father. Taking these and dressing them up in handmade sign inspired designs. In doing so maybe spreading awareness of cancer or maybe just making typographic quote cards that get littered out into the world.

Revisiting, a new one and a mock up package idea

Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd
  • (1904 - 1934)
  • Born in Georgia
  • Colorful outlaw and seen as a robin hood figure in his adopted state of Oklahoma, but everywhere else was considered a dangerous criminal
  • Accused of 10 murders and 40 bank robberies
  • Convicted of highway robbery in Missouri 1925 and sentenced 5 years in state prison
  • Convicted of bank robbery in Ohio but escaped Dec. 10th 1930 from train taking him to prison
  • Killed by FBI agents led by Melvin Purvis on a farm near Clarkson, Ohio Oct 22, 1934, fleeing across a field 

John Dillinger

John Dillinger
  • 1903 - 1934
  • Born Indianapolis Indiana to a middle class family and the youngest of two children
  • His father was a harsh disciplinary on John
  • His Mother died when he was only three from a stroke, so his older sister who was 15yrs his senior raised him till his father remarried
  • As a child he constantly got in to trouble committing small time crimes with his gang called The Dirty Dozen
  • John quit school at sixteen because he was bored and wanted to start working
  • In 1923 stole a car to impress a girl, but was caught and arrested. John however was able to escape.
  • Knowing he couldn’t return home after the theft john joined the navy after going basic training john decided the military wasn’t for him and left after five months and returned to Indiana
  • In 1924 John met and married Beryl Ethel Hovious they would later divorce because she couldn’t take john life style anymore
  • The love of his life would be Billie Frechette
  • Dillinger was a huge fan of baseball, he played himself before he became a full time criminal and even when he was being hunted by the FBI he would try and see a cubs game when he could
  • One of the most notorious and glamorous of all the depression outlaws and the only one besides Pretty Boy Floyd to have a folk hero status that Jesse James had
  • Robbed a least a dozen banks and blamed for a dozen more
  • One of his fellow gang members later in his career would be Baby Face Nelson
  • He captured twice and escaped twice, once using a wooden gun 
  • Was shot four times coming out of a movie theatre by Melvin Purvis and other FBI agents on July 22, 1934
  • The day after his death 15,000 people came to view his body 
More photos

Barrow Gang “Bloody Barrows”

Clyde Barrow
  • 1909 – 1934
  • Born in Texas, 5th of seven child
  • Born into a poor farming family, to support himself Clyde and his brother buck became petty thieves
  • Meet Bonnie Parker when he was 20, but soon after their meeting he was sent to jail for burglary, but with the help of bonnie smuggle him a gun he was able to escape
  • He was recaptured and served for 2yrs; paroled in 1932 and reacquainted himself with Bonnie
  • From 1932 – 1934 Bonnie and Clyde went from petty criminals to nationally known bank robbers

Bonnie Parker
  • 1910 - 1934
  • Born in Texas
  • Met Clyde when she was 19 working as a waitress
  • Wrote poorly written poetry and like having snap shots taken of her and Clyde clowning around w/ guns


Buck Barrow
  • 1905 – 1933
  • Born in Texas
  • Older brother of Clyde
  • Member of barrow gang
  • Severely wounded by police in Missouri July 19th, 1933
  • Captured with wife Blanche in Iowa July 24th, 1933
  • Died in Iowa July 29, 1933

Barker - Karpis Gang

Ma Barker
  • 1873 - 1935 
  • Born in Missouri to a poor family 
  • As a Child witnessed Jesse James and his gang ride through her hometown, which triggered her need for adventure 
  • Mother of 4 criminal sons – Arthur, Freddie, Herman, and Lloyd. They were constantly in trouble, but she refused to discipline them and would get angry at anyone including her husband who tried to scold them 
  • Used as a cover for her sons Arthur and Freddie, but never participated in their crimes 
  • Killed by FBI with her son Freddie in a 4hr gun battle in Oklawaha, Florida Jan. 16th 1935 

Arthur “Doc” Barker

  • 1899-1939 
  • Born in Missouri 
  • Son of Ma Barker 
  • Convicted of murder in 1922 and sentenced to life, but was paroled in 1932 through bribery of state officials by gang associates 
  • With brother Fred, Alvin Karpis and others committed bank robberies, murders, and ransom kidnapping of William A Hamm Jr. and Edward G. Bremer (wealthy businessmen) 
  • Arrested by FBI in Chicago on Jan. 8th, 1935 and convicted of the kidnappings and sentenced to life 
  • Killed while trying to escape Alcatraz Jan. 13, 1939 

Freddie Barker 
  • 1903- 1935 
  • Born in Missouri 
  • Son of Ma Barker 
  • Paroled in 1931 from state Prison at Lansing Kansas where he met Alvin Karpis while serving time for burglary 
  • Notorious bank and payroll robber, killer, and kidnapper 
  • Died with mother in FBI gun Fight 

Alvin “Old Creepy” Karpis 
  • 1908 - 1979 
  • Born in Montreal, Canada 
  • Co leader with Fred and Arthur Barker of the Barker – Karpis Gang 
  • Starting Committing crimes at age 10 selling pornography, bootlegging and running around with gamblers 
  • Bank, mail, and train robber 
  • Obtained $300,000 in ransom money from kidnapping William Hamm Jr. and Edward Bremer 
  • Karpis and partners stole over a million dollars and killed 10 men 
  • Captured by FBI director Hoover in New Orleans 1936 
  • Pleaded guilty to Hamm Kidnapping and sentenced to life 
  • Spent 33yrs in prison mostly on Alcatraz 
  • Paroled 1969 and deported to Canada 
  • Died in Spain 1979 from overdose of sleeping pills 

Textile Dye Swatches// Indigo & Madder root

I got my Jersey fabric and I also picked up some linen to show the slight changes in color on different materials. I also learned that neither indigo, madder root, or alkanet root dissolve in water (or else the reds and blues would have been much more intense) so i'll need to try them again using a stronger agent to extract the color. 

I also bought resist as a mode to pattern some of the textiles, and was inspired by some shibori techniques I came across (Liv, you might like this too).


There we go! I managed to figure out the basic way to make a movie with my code sketches. I still have some minor things to change and develop, but here it is! I'm so happy that I managed to do this! Have a good day!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Photo Poster And Comparisons

So I took one of the suggestions John had and put all of my photos into a single piece. I really liked the result, and I think once I take more photos I would want to add onto the piece to see how it changes. As of now the piece is 24 in x 20 in. Each photo is 2 inches wide.

I also took some comparison shots to try out:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lines and Poems and More Poems

I have found that a lot of my poems have to do with grief. Very sad indeed but still a solid base for the next few line poems. The few pictures I have are of the newest line poems and one that I typed out and measured according to the dimensions of the book page. Since this is a mathematical book, I used an x-axis y-axis table to quicken the pace logging down coordinates and then referring back to the table when placing the words in the layout. The first few words are not logged.

Rantin' Raven

Hello peeps! I have here some more drawings of my darling Raven! Due to the school being closed, I was unable to work on my recording and the moviemaker problem. Hopefully everything gets worked out this weekend! Also, what do people think of the title "Rantin' Raven"? Is it too lame? Dumb? Opinions greatly appreciated! Have a good night!

Monday, January 20, 2014

First Code Recording

Here you guys go! I managed to get the recording on here. I feel pretty good about myself. I didn't read the entire code and there are a few verbal mistakes, but I think it sounds good. I will make a finalized version of this code reading later! 

This is the code I read from:

int wolfAngle = 10;
int angleChange = 1;
final int ANGLE_LIMIT = 1;

void setup()
   size(500, 400);
 void draw ()
  translate(100, 30, 50);
  wolfAngle += angleChange;
  if (wolfAngle > ANGLE_LIMIT || wolfAngle < 50)
    wolfAngle += angleChange;
    angleChange = -angleChange;

 void drawWolf()
  rect(180, 130, 20, 160);
  ellipse(180, 85, 60, 60);
  line(170, 115, 150, 130);
  line(150, 170, 150, 130);
  line(190, 115, 208, 130);
  line(210, 170, 208, 130); 
  ellipse(160, 80, 10, 10);
  ellipse(199, 80, 10, 10);
  ellipse(180, 105, 30, 20);
  ellipse(180, 103, 15, 5);
  ellipse(159, 43, 07, 43);
  ellipse(202, 43, 07, 43);
  rect(180, 210, 50, 40);
  ellipse(156, 230, 30, 60);
  ellipse(204, 230, 30, 60);
  ellipse(150, 180, 20, 20);
  ellipse(210, 180, 20, 20);
  ellipse(210, 260, 35, 20);
  ellipse(150, 260, 35, 20);


Going Crazy

 Hello everybody! Here are two more line sketches of my darling Raven. Also I wanted to announce that my movie is in progress! I managed to convert one of my sketches into tiff frames and they are not blank. However, movie maker still has some beef with me so it didn't work. I'm not sure what the problem is yet, but, if I continue to struggle, I plan on contacting Justin for help. Also, I made a voice recording of me reciting code from one of my Raven sketches. It sounds pretty good! However, the Blogger also has some weird beef with me and so it didn't allow me to put it on here. I plan on playing it in class tomorrow! Good night!

long weekend summary board

To Did List: 
  1. Worked on possible logos/ brand names that i'd consider using
  2. Bought some cotton rope twine, messed around with knots, created a semi-finished plant hanger (I'll have in class for a better look).
  3. Researched Air Plants and found a good vender, took notes on care methods to be incorporated in future tag or package design.
  4. My first batch of natural dyestuffs have arrived! (Sandalwood, Madder, Indigo, and Alkanet) Looking forward to getting started. 
  5. Thought ahead about plant hangers being available in my custom colors, but also wool for my rugs and experimental textile patterns. I'm excited to have several swatches of each fiber for the process show. 
  6. Looking for a good dyeable cord material for hangers, I think recycled jersey is the best idea I can come up with so far. There are several venders that sell balls of cut up t-shirts to make a seamless yarn. I could also buy a bolt of white jersey, dye it in yards, then sheer it into strips to make my own cord.