Caroline Lares

Over the course of this semester I spent a majority of my time wandering. When I started I was looking at wearable technology. That changed to focusing on pain and eventually the topic of high heeled shoes. During the semester I tried many different routes. I took apart several shoes, recorded the process with both photo and video, drew the various parts and eventually stumbled upon photographing the piles of pieces I had.

Having the idea of photography suggested to me was something I never though about. I feel very strongly about this route. I want to contrast the pieces I have with various body parts, the complete shoe and other objects. I also am enjoying the piles on their own. They are very interesting structurally and I feel that they could be very interesting placed in a gallery setting. I would like to try recording the process again, this time using a video camera instead of my webcam.

These are all things that I wish to try next semester. I don’t yet know how my show will appear, but I feel like going the route of photography and video is the correct one. Some design may be used as well, but as for now I am mostly going to be focusing on other routes.

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