Liv Varney

Young Fellow Clothing

  • Hand made collages, mixed medium works.

  • Continue to make collages.
  • Manipulating the collages digitally and recreating them with the method of screen printing.
  • I will continue print these collages onto shirts with the intent of making the whole shirt look like the abstract image of the collage. I will start selling them this semester.
For my thesis exhibition I want to guide Young Fellow Clothing into a new direction. I have been incorporating my hand made collages into my t-shirt line. I will continue to use screen printing as a form of transferring images.Since Young Fellow Clothing started I have been printing with vectored images
that I created by hand, scanned into the computer and edited using Photoshop or Illustrator. I want to make my shirts appear to be more abstract and by doing so I have chosen to use my collages as the images. My collages contain a variety of contrasted shapes and forms, and intricate line drawings. They also express different levels of texture that provide a three dimensional feel. I am hoping that by manipulating my collages with other image transfer techniques that they will have a different result of texture or 3D appearance.

As of recently I started screen printing several small patches (1 x 1.5 inches) with a logo that I designed this summer and I used an iron on glue to apply them to knit beanies and 5 panel leather strap back hats. I sold several of them and used that money to buy more supplies as well as more hats. The hats have been a pretty great product to sell so far especially the strap backs because they’re a popular style these days.

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