Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Pages

Example pages for a possible book that focus more who these outlaws were besides criminals. Such how they were betrayed by there family and the public. Also what was there personality like.

(not actual text, just placement text)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Going For Broke Thesis Exhibition Photos - Young Fellow Clothing

Here are a few photos of the process of setting up my part of the exhibit.
I projected my Young Fellow logo onto the wall and penciled it in. 

And then I outlined it in a light gray ink and filled it in.

I had a total of 8 collages hung up on the wall.

I set up my shirts so that they were suspended off of the wall hanging on a thin wire tied around gray brackets. I made it so that viewers could spin the shirt around which allowed them to see the front and back of each shirt. I also placed 3 strap back hats on the front of the bracket over the wire of the shirt. I wanted it to express a "retail" feel. 

I placed my inventory of shirts on the shelf that I installed on the wall along with several assorted screen printed patches.

Also, a big thank you to Nico for helping me hang the brackets off the wall so that I could hang my shirts, for helping me install my shelf and her's and Mackenzie's assistance in painting my logo onto the wall during late hours of the night.

Process of the hat racks

I've never put felt over styrofoam before it was surprisingly easy and to me they came out great!

Random photos

 This is what it looked like in my room during spring break... and I did so much sewing that I bent my needle.

Process of a hat

 This is my first hat is a couple of steps.

Going For Broke Pictures