Joanna Carey

Phonetics, lines and poetry. 
These three subjects are connected to each other. 
The words within poetry, decomposed into letters, 
letters decomposed into vowels/consonants
with specific sounds for each letter; 
all dictated by lines and markings.

For my senior thesis I propose to work with these three subjects; phonetics, lines and poetry, as a whole rather than separate sections. The phonetics will be considered the main idea while, lines and poetry, will be the supports.

Specifically, I am interested in the sounds of words and how certain words are more pleasing to the ear when spoken. Also, I consider words to convey feeling in the most sincerest and honest ways, through song, letters, books, and other literary forms. They are a crucial and direct way of communication. 
The foundation materials will be paper, graphite, ink, and pen; digital materials will be used accordingly.

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