Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Drawings and Poems

The drawings above are done on different types of Strathmore paper ranging from light to heavy weights. 

The poems above were already presented in class but since they have a different rhythm to them I decided to put them up. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Post Card Design

Hey everyone, here's a few designs of the post card that I have going. I placed them in a box that is 6 x 4 1/4 in. the size of the post card we will be printing. I didn't have written down the correct shade of blue so I just chose one to put in place of that temporarily. Let me know what you think!

There's a black and white version and a blue and white version.

Gallery Layout


There was a bit of a problem with the measurements. We forgot to include the back door when we were figuring out the size of Whitney and Tiffany's areas, meaning there's six feet that we thought we had, but we really don't.

Here's what the setup looks like now:

I can't put any space between Whitney and Tiffany like I could with everyone else and there's only three feet between the moveable wall and the door. Obviously this is a HUGE problem. I went back and checked the measurements to make sure the numbers we has were correct and they were right.

So this is my proposed solution:

I know losing space sucks so hearing what everyone has to say for other solutions is what I need now. There is a free 6 feet next to my stuff, but that's right by the door and I don't think that Tiffany would want to be on either side of the door, cause that kind of is shitty. I can send out the .ai file if anyone wants to try and play around and figure stuff out.

Sorry everyone for not thinking about this!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Graph and Taking Photos

Simple graph of estimated amounts stolen

Also I wanted to know what day is good for me to take pictures of who ever wants to dress up as the outlaws. As far as props mens dress shirts, jackets and ties. As for hair - Dillinger had a pompadour, Floyd's is parted on the side and slicked back, Nelson wears a newsboy hat (image below), Karpis and the Barker brothers slicked back, Clyde clicked back hair as well. I would also like to have someone dress up as Bonnie too, and she wore a beret and a nice dress.

More Shoe Photographs

This weekend I took a little over 500 photos. I was able to finish the first one of these and complete the second one. The third is about a quarter of the way there. I need a little over 200 photos to complete it since each of these is 280 photos. Oh and I wanted to print out a full size version that I will hopefully have hung up tomorrow at class.

I have an idea of a book I want to do that I've just started. I'll have more on that for Thursday.

BIG RAVEN and another movie

Here's a much BIGGER version of my little Raven (it's shown at actual size!). Cute huh? Then there is a movie that I made some changes to. Hopefully everything is decent!


Still Has an Echo

Could not find the recording equipment in the animation lab so I had to try on my computer again. I like the voice in this one a little more then the first.


I hope this looks better!

The Textile Factory/ Mission Statement

The Textile Factory will be a place for the maker community to unite. This is a space unique, where textile and fiber arts flourish, where the importance of craft is revived and made contemporary, where passion, fun and creativity are housed for those who thrive on working with tool and hand.

The space will be a combination of opportunities for the arts community, welcoming the serious artisan to mingle with the curious creatives. Local artists currently working with textiles will be invited to submit work to our in-house gallery space but are also given an opportunity to workshop their craft with the public. Workshops in several techniques will be available, including: the art of natural dyeing; patterning techniques; quilting and sewing lessons; abstract fiber art; felting and more! All ages and skill level will have an opportunity to participate in these creative happenings!

We hope to grow our facilities to house a studio space that accommodates these techniques, and to give local artists without a satisfactory atelier a space to make.

I started working on an accordion fold booklet that describes the Textile Factory, it's mission, and my own work in brief. I also worked with Osage Orange, Logwood, and Brazilwood. The photos below show jersey and linen dyed with Logwood, Indigo, Brazilwood, Madder root, and Sandalwood

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sketch Time

Here are two Raven sketches as well as a sketch for how I want to set up my stuff for the Senior Show (which should totally be called BROKE btw). Pray for snowXD and have a goodnight!

More Comparisons and Show Names

Here are the last 4 of my comparisons. I'm still editing them a little bit.

Show names
  • All Things Must Pass 
  • Time Will Tell 
  • Inertia 
  • Down To The Wire 
  • Accidents Will Happen 
  • Talk Is Cheap 
  • An Arm and A Leg 
  • Back To Square One 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

They Just Keep Coming

About a Book

Thursday I talked about making books to go along side with my hats and here is one of them. It is just a basic accordion fold to see how well the paper would hold up. I also took a break to learn how to tie a monkey's fist knot. I was pleased

Work in Progress

Work in Progress on 100 dollar bill design. Still need to figure out what other information I'm going to include and some finer details. Also I need to do one for each outlaw.