Tiffany Valcourt

Duel Fairy Tales,
Adult Versus Youth

Over the fall semester I’ve been looking for a way to create book covers for the Grimm
Fairy tales through collage. I’ve been looking at artist such as Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Eric Carle,
and Tim Burtons style (which is similar to Saul Bass) in creating my collages.

Looking over my work from the semester I’ve slightly changed my idea once more. I
want to create covers for two audiences adult and youth. Some of my work (mostly my digital
designs) where I have risque models posing for the covers which will attract the adult audience
into reading the Gimm’s tales. I believe this is important because of my original idea of the
recovery definition “To find something that was once lost”. I want people that are my age and
older to become more attracted into reading physical books more because that is an activity that
is getting lost in our modern technology age.

For similar reason I want to keep the attraction for today's youth into reading more and
being attracted to more child like designs with collage. I have pieces that I’ve done that has been
influenced by Saul Bass. I want to continue collaging in this style and have an influence of African
art that I was exposed to during this semester. I want these covers to be more innocent but have
the abstract qualities of Saul Bass’s work and the influential patterns of African art.

Over winter break I want to keep collaging doing the two styles for each tale I read. My
goal is to do 50 collages over the break -­ reading one story and designing it both ways, also I
want to start focusing on the typography of the titles. For next semester I envision myself making
two books with both styles of design work. I want to focus on how the type is set for the stories
and also how to fit my cover designs on the page. Next I want to make these designs bigger to
advertise these stories to get the attraction for these books in the two different designs styles.

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