Monique Yuzwak

The Public Enemy Era in America

Interested in researching the Famous outlaws of The Public Enemy Era of Crime in
America. Specifically the style of the time; clothing, printed materials, cars etc.

Possible Ideas
I will focus on the culture and style of the time; what the design style of the era looked
like. Such as what did the information look like that the public was receiving in these
criminals or how were these outlaws being portrayed in movies and stories.

Who are the public enemies of today or what would the information we receive on the
criminals of the past look like in today’s society. Would their life of crime be different
today than the 1930s?

I plan to find information through books, newspapers, movies and other materials to find
out more about the time period and get a better feel of where the project can go.

Learn more about a subject that I know only little about.
Take the information I learn and tell something more than just the history; try to approach
the content in different way.
Take the design of the past and relate it to today

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