Monday, May 5, 2014

New things from Young Fellow

I have been so busy lately gathering my portfolio that I hadn't actually printed shirts in two weeks. Fortunately, I had a few hours to spare today and I was able to print a few shirt orders.

I printed the "They Start Young" design, (the boy with the cigarette and matchbook) on some tees and tanks today. I took the small YFC logo and printed it onto the back of the tank tops and on the left sleeve of the t-shirts.

Also these are the five panels hats that a friend of mine embroidered for me. :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Color Study 2

No Photos Today

I just wanted to post my status on things. I have my video completed and I've been working on my process book. I feel I'm pretty close to finishing that so all I will have to do is bind it.

Style Experiment (Textile Factory Workshop Flyer)

[text detail]


INSTRUCTOR: Whitney Chin

Have you been interested in learning macrame crafts? Are you currently hoarding a ton of old t-shirts, plastic grocery bags, old jeans? Join us in May to explore ways of re-imagining the old, and turning it into stunning new home decor. Macrame is a form of textile making dealing with knotting rather than weaving or knitting. Students will learn to deconstruct t-shirts and other materials into a continuous ball of yarn, study basic macrame techniques and finally, discover ways to tie it into something new! Participants will walk away with unique and original hanging floral accessories (just in time for mother’s day!), inspired by 1970’s macrame decor. Ideas of creative recycling, sustainability and integrity of certain materials will be explored. Jersey material will be available to students at a small cost.

Outlaw Country

red = Dillinger
blue = Bonnie and Clyde
orange = Barker - Karpis
green = Floyd